Small Group Ministry

Small Group Ministry

Mission Statement
To grow in grace, Using our spiritual gifts, Through good stewardship, For the benefit of the group, So that the body of Christ may be built up.

Like nothing else, Small Groups have the power to change lives. They're the ideal route to discipleship - a place where the rubber of Biblical truth meets the road of human relationships.

Small Groups are intentionally formed "communities of care" of 4-12 people that share a common interest and meet regularly in their homes around Scripture, prayer, service, and concern and support for one another.

Small Group Ministry (SGM) has been around Our Redeemer in some shape or form for many years. Small Groups emulate the following five characteristics:

  • Caring
    A small group provides an environment by which members in the group are cared for and nurtured by one another. This includes prayer support, phone calls, encouragement and resources that will help meet the group members' care needs.
  • Sharing
    A small group provides a friendly and supportive atmosphere where members can safely share joys and concerns, knowing that what is said will be treated with sensitivity and will be kept in confidence.
  • Praying
    A small group supports each other by praying with one another and for one another as a key part to the growth of relationships.
  • Growing
    A small group nurtures spiritual growth through time spent together in the Word, contributing to the growth and maturity of each group member.
  • Serving
    A small group selects service activities that benefit the church and the community. This strengthens group relationships while reaching out to others in need.

Leader: Denise Holida