It is “Immeasurably More”

Grace, mercy, and peace –

As I write this letter, I am sitting in Luther Hall on the campus of Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  This is the annual meeting of Vicarage Supervisors.

Why am I here?

  • It is not required, but it is beneficial.
  • Beneficial for me as the supervisor, as the mentor.
  • Beneficial for our congregation as we demonstrate a commitment to the Vicarage program.
  • Beneficial for our Vicar as he will receive a Vicarage experience that is ever being refined and improved.

     As a result, Vicarage at Our Redeemer will be “immeasurably more.”

As Christians, we have the opportunity to attend Divine Services, Bible studies, small groups, church events, private reading of scripture, and personal prayer.  Through all of these we grow in our faith, grow in our understanding, and grow in our trust of our Lord.  Through all of these we grow in our sanctified life.  Through all of these we grow “immeasurably more.”

As we begin the capital campaign this fall we need to realize first and foremost that we are not doing a fundraiser.  We sell peaches as a fundraiser for youth ministry.  They count on this.  We sell pancakes as a fundraiser for the Crisis Center of Johnson County.  They count on this.  But what we do this fall is not a fundraiser: it is a capital campaign.  More than that, it is an opportunity to learn and grow in our faith, understanding, and trust in God.  It is an opportunity to stretch our stewardship.  We are not going to have equal giving, but we can have equal sacrifice.  This equal sacrifice will push us to grow “immeasurably more.”

More than Vicarage, our sanctified life, and our capital campaign, we see the work Jesus has done.  Through His Good Friday death and His Easter Sunday resurrection, He has given us immeasurably more than we can imagine.  Seriously, can you imagine your sins are forgiven?  Can you imagine you have salvation and life everlasting?  Well you don’t need to imagine for it is true; it is real.  Through the work of Christ, you have been given, you already possess, immeasurably more.

God be with you,

Pastor Hartwig