What is the Trivia Challenge? Trivia challenges are informal, fun competitions where teams battle to see who has the greatest knowledge of trivia. General knowledge and trivial interest questions are asked by a trivia host and the winner is the team which, at the end of the event, has correctly… Read More»

The word theology is derived from two Greek words: Theos (God) and Logos (work, speech, or reason). Therefore, theology in its simplest terms is rational discussion about God. It has been described as “the science of God and his relationship to man and the world” and “the attempt to reduce… Read More»

The Mission Committee work includes support of those serving in the mission field.   It also assists people in need such as those facing natural disasters (e.g., tornados, hurricanes, floods) and poverty or displacement due to social justice or armed conflict (e.g., Palestine and American Indian reservations).  Each year, the committee… Read More»